Laura Lawaetz

Laura Lawaetz is 27 years old – she has a Masters of Science Degree from Copenhagen Business School and about three years ago she started the hugely successful and internationally renounced fashion and lifestyle blog Today she is Digital Editor of Danish ELLE Magazine.

When and what made you pay more attention to health, nutrition and overall well-being?

When I was younger I always led a really active life; I ate healthily and I did a ton of sports – including playing tennis and skiing on a competitive level.

About three years ago however, I was fortunate enough to have my biggest passion become my way of living – but this also meant that it consumed more or less all of my time. A really hectic and fast-pace schedule and constantly being on the run became an excuse to neglect my workout routines and healthy eating habits.

I simply lacked the motivation… then about a year ago, I got myself a personal trainer, which pretty much changed everything for me. She really taught me the importance of prioritizing my health, and how incredibly necessary it is to nurture a healthy lifestyle when you live such a hectic life where you are constantly on the run.

What does your daily routines look like now and how are they related to a healthy lifestyle?

This whole process has been a real ‘eye-opener’ for me – working out on a daily basis and sticking to a healthy and nurturing diet has given me so much more energy and well-being. I have started saying that I don’t really have time not to prioritize working out and eating well. I am doing something really good for my health and me - and the time invested is doubled up in return. 

How are supplements a part of your healthy routines and which are your favorite VITAVIVA products?

I travel a lot and attend a ton of events, so even though I would love to be able to select all of my meals myself, this is rarely the case. This is why supplements play a particularly important role in my daily life; VitaMax, Flaxseed OMG, and Colon Complex are especially amongst my favorite VITAVIVA products. VitaMax helps keep my energy high and my immune system strong. Flaxseed oil ensures I get sufficient amount of Omega 3 essential fatty acids (without the fishy taste from fish oil) and Colon Complex helps make sure that my digestion and body is functioning optimally. I have furthermore started using Juice Complex and Wrinkles Away as my thirties seem to quickly be approaching! 

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    VVC390A, 90 Kapslar
    Colon Complex promotes bowl movement and better digestion, thereby promoting internal cleansing and weight loss. Click on the "Supplement Facts" picture to see a detailed description. Visit where you can read about products, health problems and obtain general information about health
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    VVC17818-60, 60 Kapslar
    Juice Complex offers high levels of Antioxidants, which can help prevent the proliferation of disease-causing cells. The selected berries of use have also been shown to reduce levels of bad cholesterol, thus promoting good heart health, and their high levels of Lutein have been linked to improved vision. Juice Complex can, furthermore, help to ensure urinary tract health and promote weightloss.
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  3. Multi vitamin "VitaMax 720"

    Multi vitamin "VitaMax 720"

    VL1964-720, 720 Tabletter
    A specially designed maximum potency multivitamin for people who would like more greens in their daily diet. Includes the added bonus of Coenzyme Q10.
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    VVC270A, 100 Softgelkapslar

    Organic flaxseeds are rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, a key force against inflammation in the body.

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    VVC21020-60, 60 Kapslar

    Wrinkles Away supports the skin's connective tissue, keeping the appearance fresh and youthful. Wrinkles Away provides a high potency combination of nutrients, which are thought to help promote healthier and younger looking skin.

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