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  1. 7 Day Cleanse

    7 Day Cleanse

    VVC92A, 252 Kapslar

    This maximum strength 7 Day Cleanse contains several natural and effective laxatives, such as Cayenne Pepper, Fennel Seeds, Red Clover, Psyllium Husk, Organic Flaxseed Oil etc. The cleanse effectively helps the intestinal tract to get rid of accumulated waste, reduces bloating, and contributes to increased energy, that may in some cases also lead to several kilos in weight loss, along with a healthy diet and daily exercise. 

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  2. Gitte Høj's Clean Gut

    Gitte Høj's Clean Gut


    Gitte Høj from Gitte Høj Nutrition: "All health begins with the intestines. If the intestines do not function properly, you can not get rid of toxins and waste materials. If you can not get rid of these, you can not loose the last kilos and accumulation of waste materials can cause constipation, diarrhea, bloating, lack of energy, headache, fatigue, unclean skin, etc."

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    See description for further information.

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  3. The Post Summer Detox

    The Post Summer Detox


    The Post Summer Detox challenge is the perfect balance of supplements, healthy food, and exercise to get you back in shape, fully energized and in a tip top balanced body after a relxing summer.

    The detox contains the following products:

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  4. Thorbjörg Detox

    Thorbjörg Detox


    The Thorbjörg Detox contains the following products: 

    You will get 10% discount on this Detox.

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  5. VITAVIVA Detox

    VITAVIVA Detox

    detox challenge,

    You will get 4 new cleanse products from VITAVIVA and a Recharge Ionic Body Brush from Karmameju. The detox contains the following products:

    You will start the detox with a 7 day cleanse of your intestines. Then the next 30 days, your liver, your kidney and you adipose tissue will be cleansed. The reason of this detox is to cleanse your intestines and organs for toxins, heavy metals and waste materials. Accumulation of these products in the body will result in lack of energy, poor absorption, imbalances, too many kilos, unclean skin, cellulite etc.

    You will get 10% off on this pack.

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